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PivotX is a free flat content management system with the choice of using a database that you can use for building and maintaining your websites.

Downloading and installing

Im using version 2.3.6

To begin with download PivotX from (http://pivotx.net/) and unzip the folder.

You can find the instructions on how to install PivotX here: (http://book.pivotx.net/index.php?page=1-2)

Or you can continue to read on

Then upload load all the files and folders to you sever.

Change the permission on folders:

  • images/
  • pivotx/templates/
  • pivotx/db/

to writeable or 777


Next step is to set up a user

Go to (www.yoursite.com/pivotx/index.php) to set up your first user when you have done that you should see the dashbord.

Form the dashboard click on the link "Welcome to PivotX " then click the preview button to see a preview of you new page this is what mine looks like

PivotX is a free flat content management system with the choice of using a database that you can use for building and maintaining your websites.

OK lets configure the website

Form the dashboard click the configuration button, form the configuration screen we can change the site name add a favicon, allow comment and let visitors know if your site is down for maintenance.


You will not have to worry about the database tab if you don't know about MySQL so please skip.


The tags tab is all about fetch images form Flickr with the same tags as well as RSS feeds. You can change the number of images and feeds shown and the size of the tags.


Don't know how to use sorry.

File Uploads

This is the setting to allow your visitors to upload file, you can change what type of file are allow in here.

Date / Time

This is were you can change the time and date that apiece at the top of you entries.


This is were you can activate moblogging

"Mobile blogging (moblogging) is a method of publishing to a website or blog from a mobile phone or other handheld device. "


OK so Thats it for the configuration,

Lets add more users

Find the users tab once you are in the user page click create new user, for here you will need to add a username, password, email, nickname (screen name), language plus the userlevel, to find out more about user level go to page 1-8 in the documentaion on PivotX website (http://book.pivotx.net/page/1-8).


Adding and changing page

Form the Entries & Pages tab click on pages followed by edit chapter (image editchapter.pnd) try giving it a name, description and order that it should be display if you have more than one chapter.


You can add more chapter if you need by clicking on the button on the top right that says add a Chapter :)

You can add pages by clicking on Write a new page :)


Editing pages

Let edit the no1 page About PivotX click on the edit page button to the right.

For the edit page screen we can change the title, give it a sub title and a template.


You can add or change the introduction text. The Introduction text will be seen as the opening text in your blog.

with the word More below to read the hold article.



Again you can add or change the body text to what you need, this will be display when the reader clicks on the More button.


Keywords / Tags:

So people can do a search for tag.


Adding blog entries

To add a blog post go to Entries & Pages then New Entry, after that there’s not must to say.